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Published on 20 Feb 2024
Written by vitaladmin

One common misconception by homeowners is that DIY plumbing is cheaper. It can seem like a simpler and more convenient option. However, it’s important that only a qualified professional conducts plumbing work. A licensed professional understands the complications of plumbing systems. From blocked drains in Sydney to leak detection, our fully licensed team has you covered. We’ll never leave a project without providing the best result.
At Fix n Flow, we’re committed to ensuring that our clients are informed. It’s important to know what plumbing work shouldn’t be done with DIY. This can save you the hassle of costlier and time-consuming repairs.

broken drain repairs

Keep your home system in check, with tips provided by our plumbing team:

When to turn to your local plumber in Sydney

1. Blocked Drains

Experiencing a blocked drain in Sydney? See why handling it yourself can do more harm than good. Although a plunger can resolve the issue fast, leaves the complicated plumbing problems to us.
Our drain unblockers in Sydney have obtained the necessary equipment for this work. From high-pressure jet blasters to high-resolution cameras. These are key to our processes because there are various potential causes. These include tree root intrusions and a build-up of oils.
This advanced technology allows us to accurately diagnose the issues, and organise the most suitable solution. Our plumbing work is efficient to prevent the issue from worsening over time. From costly property damage to safety hazards, it’s crucial to work fast in this scenario. Which is why a nonlicensed plumber shouldn’t manage this.

2. Leak Detection

Leakages can range from extremely subtle to noticeable. You can experience a spike in the water bill yet spot no stains. To determine the cause of the leak requires the use of advanced technology.
Trust a professional to carefully select their plumbing equipment. As they’ve taken the time to determine the most accurate technology.
When you take the DIY route it can pose a range of consequences to your home. These include but aren’t limited to costlier bills, and property damage. As this issue requires prompt resolutions.
Trust our leak detection in Sydney for efficient, and timely repairs.

3. Gas Plumbing Issues

Gas plumbing issues are not only complicated but dangerous. The risks of gas leaks include explosions and fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and health hazards. It’s important to choose a plumbing professional that’s licensed for gas fitting and has the right experience. This ensures that they’re equipped to manage this issue.
Over the years, we’ve gained the right expertise to restore every home’s plumbing. Opting to take DIY measures can result in damage and costly repairs. So if you’re looking for unmatched reliability, turn to our professionals.

4. Burst Pipes

In the event of an urgent plumbing emergency, a trusted professional must be contacted to resolve this. This issue requires immediate attention, and if attempted by a non-expert can cause extensive damage.
We’ll incorporate advanced plumbing technology throughout the process. This allows us to address the root cause of the issue, as there are various causes of this. These include but aren’t limited to freezing conditions, corrosion or external pressure.
At Fix n Flow Plumbing, we’ll tailor an expert long-term plumbing solution.

5. Hot Water System Problems

From inconsistent water temperatures to low pressure, this issue is a major inconvenience for any space. It’s important that this is addressed as soon as possible, as it can indicate underlying problems.
If you attempt to resolve this, it can easily worsen to a major safety hazard. This means more costly repair bills than if you initially contacted the professional.
Take the first step right in the event of a plumbing emergency.
Reach out for the assistance of a licensed and insured plumber. We’re equipped to guarantee that the problem is resolved as soon as possible. Leaving you with a home or office plumbing system easily restored. Backed with the right expertise, trust our professional plumbers.

6. Major Installations

Plumbing fixtures are the backbone to every office and home system. A professional must undergo a comprehensive installation process. Ensuring that plumbing issues related to poor installations don’t occur in the future.
A qualified plumber can install any fixture within a fixed timeframe. Leaving you with the guarantee of an efficient plumbing system sooner.
Trust that our experts are committed to providing the highest quality services.

Don’t turn to DIY, turn to Fix n Flow Plumbing

At our plumbing company, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch plumbing services across Sydney.
Our team consists of expert plumbers who can handle any project, from small to large scale. We have great knowledge on commercial and residential spaces, making us ideal.
Rely on us to work closely alongside you throughout the service.

  • Years of experience: Trust us to navigate any potential complications, with absolute ease.
  • Expertise: We have the necessary skills to manage any project, no matter how many issues arise.
  • Advanced Technology: We use the latest technology for efficient and effective problem-solving, minimising any disruptions. Which is why we’re the leading choice for leak detection in Sydney.
  • Safety: We value your safety, taking the necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries.
    Peace of Mind: Knowing that your plumbing system is in good hands can be a relief. With us, you can trust that the plumbing will be left in good condition.

When DIY Plumbing Is Acceptable?

A common question homeowners may have is “When is DIY plumbing ok?” When this is raised, it’s important to recognise the importance of professional plumbing. However, DIY plumbing can be a great route to take for very minor plumbing.
At Fix n Flow Plumbing, we’ve listed some DIY plumbing given the green flag by us:

  • Unclogging minor drain blockages
  • Toilet component replacement
  • Shower head replacement

Remember to consult with our team if you’re unsure of what DIY is ok for your space. This ensures that you can avoid any costly repair issues in the future.
DIY plumbing also counts as basic plumbing maintenance for your home. These are key to ensuring no unexpected issues occur. Some of these include not pouring oil down the drains, to regularly cleaning the shower head.
When you reach out to us, you’ll be provided with personalised advice. Our team will detail these simple steps after the process. So you can ensure that you do your part in preventing issues.
It’s important to contact our trusted local plumbers when you’re in need. We’re committed to providing you with prompt plumbing assistance.

Plumbing solutions provided at competitive pricing

Plumbing is an area where the risks of DIY far outweigh the potential rewards. The complications of plumbing repairs to installations need the assistance of an experienced team.
At Fix n Flow Plumbing, we’re the trusted choice for commercial and residential plumbing. Trust us for an excellent commitment to prompt plumbing. We’ll provide highly efficient solutions that value complete safety.
From repairing clogged drains to general maintenance, we’re here to make your plumbing experience easier.
Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team, and experience the best plumbers in Sydney today!

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